Mom, I’m going to build governance software when I grow up!

Said no kid ever. But hold on, don’t let your eyes gloss over so fast—our work is undeniably interesting, once you scratch the surface. The problems are complex and multifarious, but finding solutions is exciting and satisfying. Here at Build Galvanize, we hope to give you a glimpse inside our doors. So, let’s solve these problems and build it better.

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Peek behind the curtainBuild Blog

Our team does some pretty impressive stuff, and we like to share it with the community at large! You can read about what we're doing and the challenges we're tackling by reading our blog posts.

Building Career Progression Plans

As a people manager, nothing gives me more fulfillment than seeing team members grow and progress in their lives and careers. While I cannot force this process on any of them, I certainly feel responsible to enable it. This is a challenging task. Career progression plans are tools that can guide suc…

Going Serverless (on AWS)

What does it take to go Serverless?In the beginning of 2020, Galvanize decided to go all in on Serverless with AWS. In case you are curious, I explained our reasons behind it in the post AWS as a Framework. Now in 2021, the question is, how has our journey been, and what can we share so you prepare …

Fast Authorization with DynamoDB

This blog post describes a high-performance micro-service we created at Galvanize to meet the authorization needs of our SaaS platform. This new micro-service, code-named “Authy” (not related to the commercial product of the same name), provides platform-wide management of users and groups, while tr…

What being a co-op in a Billion Dollar Company (Galvanize) is like.

Hello World, I’m Gallant Tang, a Software Engineer (SWE) Co-op in R&D department’s Prism and ML team during Spring of 2021. This little article is my attempt at capturing the many things that has happened over my 4-months at Galvanize.For a TDLR, here are some of the things that made this co-op spec…

Building Complex Figma Variants

When I started tackling variants with many properties, I realized that things can get exponentially more complex. With the help of my team, I was able to narrow down the scope of the component I was trying to build, come up with a plan, and test thoroughly.I’ve compiled my learnings in this guide. T…

Ingredients for Better Accessibility — Part One: The Basics

Ingredients for Better Accessibility — Part One: The BasicsPhoto by Pratiksha Mohanty on UnsplashAt Galvanize we have built a UI library of React components (Paprika) to implement our design system (Starling). One of the core principles of this library is to be usable — which implies usable for ever…

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The bleeding edge of the web & mobileHow We Build

We are a polyglot shop building a Governance Platform that is deployed across the web, iOS, Android, and Windows desktop, backed by Serverless technology running on AWS, which means we have lots of opportunities to explore the latest technologies.

New languages, ideas and tools spread through our team not because they are mandated but because they improve our ability to deliver incredible value. We believe innovation breakthroughs come from experimentation and not being afraid to take risks and fail. One of our company values is Embracing Ambiguity, so we are not afraid to experiment nor incorporate new ideas.

Some cool tools & technologies that we build with include:


Tooting our own hornKind of a big deal

We love our customers, and realize that their work is weighty. We love that our HighBond platform is bringing impactful change to 72% of the Fortune 500 and more than 900 government organizations around the world.

Our vision is to see our customers become the most sought-after professionals in their organization. It is our job to make software that transforms them into the super heroes they deserve to be.

Here are some of our 7,000+ customer organizations:

99 Cents Only StoresAlscoArizona State UniversityCHC HelicopterDean FoodsFortegra FinancialGreat Giant PineappleHumano ARSPromensSonyState Auto InsuranceTexas InstrumentsTraina & AssociatesWashington Trust Bank

We’ve got spirit yes we do

Being at Galvanize means you’re working in one of our awesome locations around the world. As a global company, we make sure our offices reflect our culture while having local flair.

We make spaces where you can connect, collaborate and create together with your teammates. When apart, you can leverage the best technologies like Zoom and Slack to make distance disappear.

Our locations are chosen to make your commute easier and are often surrounded by great restaurants. Many of them have amenities like rooftop patios, gyms and lounges where you can meetup with fellow Galvanites, get in a workout, or play a game and take a break from changing the world.

Our social groups organize regular cultural events, meetups, charity events and a few times a year (ok perhaps more than a few times) we throw parties to celebrate our accomplishments.

If you can imagine yourself working in a place where you have fun while having an impact, check out our careers page.