Engineering for Impact

Galvanize’s core mission is one that ties directly to reducing corruption, improving governance, and mitigating risks. What does that look like in practice? Here are just a few areas that Galvanize has positively impacted:

  • Ensuring accurate voter registration
  • Identifying false Doctor prescriptions for profiting purposes
  • Detecting child labour use in supply chains
  • Managing COVID-19 risks for a company
  • Mitigating false expenses and corruption in a corporation

It’s our meaningful vision that has guided our entire engineering process. We want to engineer for impact. That’s why we are:

  1. Serverless First – we want to focus on the core challenge of improving and automating governance. We do not want our time lost to patching servers, supporting multi-cloud, or solving already solved problems by our Cloud provider.
  2. Multi-region – we deploy HighBond to numerous AWS data centres around the world because we want more governments and public-sector organizations to govern better, and many of such customers do not want their data in a US data centre.
  3. Accessible – governments must cater to every citizen, and that often means if a software solution is not accessible, they cannot use it. This is why we spend time to make sure our UX meets accessibility (a11y) standards so it can be used by anyone and thus have a wider impact.
  4. Inclusive by Design – we have transparent processes that emphasize the work individuals are doing so we reward the right individuals. Our transparency allows us to be remote-friendly, mitigate biases, and provide a consistent approach to product development in the company.

Galvanize’s Awards

Ultimately, it’s the impact that drives our product and business decisions. Yes, we have a ton of great tech (e.g. React, TypeScript, AWS Lambda), company perks (e.g. top-notch Vancouver downtown office, Keg beer, remote-friendly environment), and even numerous cultural awards! But it’s our purpose, not our perks, that drives us. And if you agree with “purpose over perks”, and see the value in what we are setting out to achieve, then please make sure to get in touch with us. You can find all available roles on our careers page.